Nosferatu: Kino Classics 2-Disc Deluxe Remastered Edition Blu-ray

Kino Lorber films 28125800 - Murnau, a series of clips and highlights from other F. W. Murnau sunrise, Faust, The Last Laugh. W. Murnau films, Photo Gallery Shrink-wrapped. Murnau was thus able to infuse the story with the subtle tones of nature: both pure and fresh as well as twisted and sinister. Rather than depicting dracula as a shape-shifting monster or debonair gentleman, Murnau's Graf Orlok as portrayed by Max Schreck is a nightmarish, spidery creature of bulbous head and taloned claws -- perhaps the most genuinely disturbing incarnation of vampirism yet envisioned.

Remastered in high definition for the first time and making its Blu-ray debut exclusively from Kino Classics. Bonus features: two-disc set features two versions of the film, the original German Intertitles with optional English subtitles or English Intertitles, Han s Erdmann s original 1922 score in 5. 1 surround or 2.

Nosferatu: Kino Classics 2-Disc Deluxe Remastered Edition Blu-ray - 0 stereo, the language of Shadows a 52 minute documentary chronicling the early career of F. W. An unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Nosferatu is the quintessential silent vampire film, crafted by legendary German director F. While directors such as lang and lubitsch built vast forests and entire towns within the studio, Nosferatu's landscapes, villages and castle were actual locations in the Carpathian Mountains.

Nosferatu was an atypical expressionist film in that much of it was shot on location.

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Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 4K Restored Blu-ray

Kino Lorber 29860866 - That movie was The Cabinet of Dr. Miller aka dj spooky, Image Gallery, Restoration Demonstration Shrink-wrapped. German intertitles with optional english subtitles score performed by the studio For Film Music at the University of Music, Caligari: How Horror Came to the Cinema Documentary, Freiburg Special Features: Booklet Essay by Kristin Thompson, 52 minutes, Additional Music Score by Paul D.

Director robert wiene and a visionary team of designers crafted a nightmare realm in which light, shadow and substance are abstracted, a world in which a demented doctor and a carnival sleepwalker perpetrate a series of ghastly murders in a small community. Caligari is a 4k restoration scanned from the mostly preserved camera negative at the German Federal Film Archive.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 4K Restored Blu-ray - Caligari, a plunge into the mind of insanity that severs all ties with the rational world. In 1920, one brilliant movie jolted the postwar masses and catapulted the movement known as German Expressionism into film history. This authoritative edition of The Cabinet of Dr.

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The Complete Metropolis Blu-ray

Kino Lorber films 15060688 - And the integration of scenes and subplots long considered lost endows METROPOLIS with even greater tension and emotional resonance, as it dramatizes the conflict between wealthy uber-capitalists and rebellious subterranean laborers - orchestrated by a diabolical scientist capable of destroying them both.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Incorporating more than 25 minutes of newly discovered footage, this 2010 restoration of METROPOLIS is the definitive edition of Fritz Lang's science fiction masterpiece. Backed by a new recording of gottfried Huppertz's 1927 score, the film's dazzling visual design and special effects are more striking than ever.

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The Phantom of the Opera 2-Disc Blu-ray

Kino Lorber 35217435 - This edition presents the 1929 theatrical version, restored from archival 35mm elements by Film Preservation Associates. Also included is the 1925 theatrical version, which survives only in poor-quality prints, but contains scenes that were removed from the 1929 release version. Special features: Original Screenplay 91 Min.

Video scroll, Montage of Stills 13 Min. Interview with composer, Gabriel Thibaudeau 9 Min. Two travelogues by burton holmes, depicting paris in 1925: PARIS FROM A MOTOR 3 1/2 Min. And a trip on the seine 3 1/2 Min. Shrink-wrapped. It is highlighted by the technicolor bal masque sequence in which the Phantom interrupts the revelry wearing the scarlet robes of the Red Death, as well as meticulously hand-colored sequences replicating the Handschiegl Color Process.

The Phantom of the Opera 2-Disc Blu-ray - A forerunner of the american horror film, and one of the most lavish productions of the silent cinema, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has inspired countless remakes and imitations. But none of its successors can rival the mesmerizing blend of romance and mystery that haunts every frame of the Lon Chaney original.

Factory sealed DVD. The film is presented at two different historically-accurate projection speeds, each with two different soundtrack options. Shrink-wrapped.

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Faust Blu-ray/DVD MultiSet

Kino Lorber 35217449 - Shrink-wrapped. Mobilizing the full resources of the Ufa Studios, F. W. Shrink-wrapped. Gösta ekman stars as the titular alchemist who, struggling with his faith amidst a devastating plague, is offered the power to cure and the gift of youth. Factory sealed DVD. This special edition contains the friedrich wilhelm murnau stiftung s meticulous HD restoration of the original German release version of the film, as well as a DVD of the lengthier alternate cut prepared by the Ufa Studios in 1930 for distribution in the U.

S. Special features: piano score by perez de azpeitia, orchestral score by Timothy Brock, Orchestral score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, adapted from the original 1926 orchestral arrangement, performed by the Olympia Chamber Orchestra U. S. Release version, the language of shadows: faust - a 53-minute documentary on the making of the film and its subsequent restoration, Screen test footage of Ernst Lubitsch's abandoned 1923 production Marguerite and Faust Shrink-wrapped.

Faust Blu-ray/DVD MultiSet - In exchange for his soul. Murnau nosferatu, sunrise orchestrated a colossal adaptation of Goethe's FAUST that ranks alongside Fritz Lang s Metropolis as the greatest achievements of the German silent cinema. As the diabolical mephisto, emil Jannings The Last Laugh delivers a performance of operatic intensity, by turns charming, comical and horrifying.

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Nosferatu The Vampyre Blu-ray

Shout! Factory - Jonathan harker is about to leave on a long journey over the Carpathian Mountains to finalize real estate arrangements with a wealthy nobleman. What he doesn’t know is the magnitude of danger he, his wife and his town are about to experience. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. It is 1850 in the beautiful, perfectly-kept town of Wismar.

Out of the mist appears a pale, wraith-like figure with a shaven head and deep-sunken eyes who identifies himself as Count Dracula. Shrink-wrapped. The events that transpire slowly convince Harker that he is in the presence of a vampyre. Despite her warnings, Jonathan arrives four weeks later at a large, gloomy castle.

Nosferatu The Vampyre Blu-ray - His wife, lucy begs him not to go and is troubled by a strong premonition of danger. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped.

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Vampyr Blu-ray

Criterion Collection - With its roiling fogs, and foreboding echoes, ominous scythes, Vampyr is one of cinema's greatest nightmares. Blu-ray special edition features- high-definition digital transfer of the original german version of the film, from the 1998 restoration by Martin Koerber and the Cineteca di Bologna, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack- Alternate version with English text- Audio commentary featuring film scholar Tony Rayns- Carl Th.

The result a chilling film about a student of the occult who encounters supernatural haunts and local evildoers in a village outside Paris is nearly unclassifiable. Shrink-wrapped. Dreyer, a piece by koerber on the restoration, a 1966 documentary by jorgen roos chronicling dreyer's career- video essay by scholar casper tybjerg on dreyer's influences in creating Vampyr- Radio broadcast from 1958 of Dreyer reading an essay about filmmaking- PLUS: A booklet featuring essays by critics Mark Le Fanu and Kim Newman, and a 1964 interview with producer and actor Nicolas de Gunzburg - AND: A book featuring Dreyer and Christen Jul's original screenplay and Sheridan Le Fanu's 1872 story 'Carmilla, '; a source for the film Shrink-wrapped.

Vampyr Blu-ray - Factory sealed DVD. With vampyr, danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer channeled his genius for creating mesmerizing atmosphere and austere, unsettling imagery into the horror genre. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. A host of stunning camera and editing tricks and densely layered sounds creates a mood of dreamlike terror.

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Blue Velvet The Criterion Collection Blu-ray

Criterion Collection - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

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The Old Dark House Blu-ray

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment - B. Priestley. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Bonus features: - feature length audio commentary by actor gloria stuart - feature length audio commentary by James Whale biographer James Curtis - interview with director Curtis Harrington on the rediscovery of this once thought-lost film - new interview with Sara Karloff - re-release trailer Shrink-wrapped.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. From the director of frankenstein, and find themselves at the mercy of the highly eccentric, and potentially dangerous, a group of stranded travelers stumble upon a strange old house, Femm family. This well-performed, as the hulking, atmospheric thriller features the first starring horror role for Boris Karloff, disfigured butler.

The Old Dark House Blu-ray - Based on the novel Benighted 1927 by J. The cohen film collection is proud to present this stunning new 4K restoration. Shrink-wrapped.

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Last Laugh Blu-ray

Kino Lorber - Shrink-wrapped. One of the crowning achievements of the german expressionist movement, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's The Last Laugh Der letzte Mann stars Emil Jannings stars as an aging doorman whose happiness crumbles when he is relieved of the duties and uniform which had for years been the foundation of his happiness and pride.

Shrink-wrapped. Through jannings's colossal performance, The Last Laugh becomes more than the plight of a single doorman, but a mournful dramatization of the frustration and anguish of the universal working class. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Featuring a new musical score by the berklee college of Music, this is the definitive edition of the landmark classic, as well as the original score by Giuseppe Becca, mastered from a 2K restoration by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung.

Last Laugh Blu-ray - Special features: 2k restoration by the friedrich-wilhelm-murnau-stiftung | new musical score 2017 by the berklee silent film orchestra | Original 1924 score by Giuseppe Becce, orchestrated by Detlev Glanert 2003 | Audio commentary by film historian Noah Isenberg | The Last Laugh: The Making of, a 40-minute documentary | Bonus DVD featuring the unrestored export version with music by Timothy Brock, performed by the Olympia Chamber Orchestra Shrink-wrapped.


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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Kino Classics Remastered Edition Blu-ray

Kino Lorber films 28936046 - Jekyll becomes fascinated with the two contrasting sides of human nature, and he becomes obsessed with the idea of separating them. All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Based on the robert louis stevenson story: Doctor Henry Jekyll's enthusiasm for science and his selfless acts of service have made him a much-admired man.

It is not long before the personality of Hyde begins to dominate Jekyll's affairs. Shrink-wrapped. Brand name: kino international mfg#: 738329122126. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. But as he visits sir george Carew one evening, his host criticizes him for his reluctance to experience the more sensual side of life.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Kino Classics Remastered Edition Blu-ray - Manufacturer: Kino International. Sir george goads jekyll into visiting a music hall, where he watches the alluring dancer Gina. Genre: Silent Films. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped.

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